7Song is the story of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in song, from Scripture. This new Gospel media  resource is for oral learners and those who do not read, to hear in their own language & know the truth of the Bible. 


Let There Be Hope is a non-profit organization committed to sharing the gospel around the world through music, and releasing the sound of the Lord in the nations. We are recording 7Song, the story of the gospel in 7 Songs to be sung to nations of the earth in their own language, and provided as a resource to share the gospel.



Order 7Song: The Acoustic Sessions, learn how it works and what you can do to be a part. 

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Find out about Let There Be Hope, our mission, and our methods

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Ready to be a part? Donate & Support, Host a 7Song Night, Sponsor a nation, language or region, or share this project! 

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